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 Some quests/h-scenes won't trigger

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PostSubject: Some quests/h-scenes won't trigger    20th September 2011, 8:14 pm

Been following the guide on scratchpad, but some things just aren't happening. Not sure if it's a bug or if these were disabled in the version I have(147025) or what

Underground City - rescue dragon's daughter. After I leave the city I get the scene where she leaves and a ninja show sup, but the warp back into the city is disabled

Murder Quest - won't start. Did the slime king quest but when I try to start this one it gives me...what I'm assuming is a 'you can't do this yet' message.

Babysitter quest - after the h-scene with the mom tied up, the third scene won't happen. I can repeat this other one repeatedly but that's it

Any protips?
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Some quests/h-scenes won't trigger
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