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 Odd Event: Slave Trading City. Trapped in town.

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PostSubject: Odd Event: Slave Trading City. Trapped in town.   10th April 2011, 8:50 am

And by Slave Trading City I mean, in one of the buildings I found 3 cells, 1 for men, women, and two lions. It also has a pub with all the joinable party members and a few messages from the developer/designer.

With that to help identify it, I would like to mention I came upon an NPC that swindles the Nanako for 3k, that gets her aroused from some snake oil wonder drug.

I'm looking for the culprit and I run into this walled section of town and search along the northern area, which in effect is an alley.

When you get the end you are given a yes or no option. This is what Aggregator tells me:

"[Haa;haa;] … It is not possible to endure it any longer."

"A person isn't here here, either..., is he?"

And then this question:



Saying yes ends the dialogue prompt, but saying no leads to:



Anyways, regardless what option you select, if you go back out the alley, a sailor blocks you.

Be says this:




Whatever the sailor is saying, the last line is about a grave.

The grave you can read in the alley. But reading it does nothing to move the sailor.

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Odd Event: Slave Trading City. Trapped in town.
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