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 Vh 100813 variables movement + text box issue EDIT: SOLVED

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PostSubject: Vh 100813 variables movement + text box issue EDIT: SOLVED   13th August 2010, 6:38 am

Version 100813 has arrived (seek the link on hongfire, )

I could get it this time. There is a technical changelog, meaning it only covers mechanism changes. They moved some variables. They listed which ones, and for each of them they listed Map that were touched and events on these, so they modified every of them to work with new var. Thing is they modified Nanako's var, like exposure, cum in, etc ^^ so it pretty much affected every H events and many maps. You'll see by yourself the content of the technical log. Meaning adapting the translation is getting more and more tricky (but keep hope).
I still haven't solved that 2-3 lines text box issue =( So I can't event finish my work that sux so bad, it's driving me insane cause I can't see a single reason why it doesn't work. I've read a lot about fonts, but Rm2k is old so only fixes I found didn't work and those that would probably have worked are dead links. If it's a problem of font, of course. SO. I'm stuck in my search my work and my analysis. And versions keep flowing. That's bad Razz
Here is one thing I can try. I need your Rm2k version, BB. Just the prog, no RTP. Not the installer ; the files.
Pack the directory with the exe etc (but no rtp) in a .rar file or something, and let me get these if you will. Add with these four font files of your system, found in Windows\fonts: ms gothic, ms mincho, rm2000 and rmg2000.
It seems it MIGHT solve the problem if it comes from an evercorrupting install process that could, some way or another, linked to my system not installing correctly no matter what. SO if I unpack your install directory and install these four fonts it should work. If it doesn't that means it comes from, I don't know, my system... or MS gothic, being the only font I can't uninstall... I don't know but it'll help me narrowing the investigation. If it works, good, problem solved.

I FIXED IT. CAUSE I'M A GOD YOU KNOW. xD It took me, well, about 8 hours since yesterday, but I found a way to fix it xD As you may imagine, it's a very complicated way ^^ BUT, it can fix a lot of things =)
Allright. With this way you can solve all font issues, all lines issues, BUT you have to know where to look in a .exe editor, and I don't, so I'll only cover solution to this particular problem ^^ It doesn't solve the Note boxes issue because I don't know where to edit... yet =)
So here is what I did.
First of all, the main thing you should know, the Version 1.07E is not legit. It's a false version, 1.05b hacked, it is stated when you prompt the version box. This is probably what triggered all those problems.
Anyway, as we all know we experience fonts issues for japanese, when we begin using Rm2k with no modification on Windows XP. SO we can use Moshix fix, or if you are gifted with .exe editing, you can customize your Rm2k.
I think it's easier for now to use the fix, as I haven't dug into the editing far enough. Once that fix is used everything should be displayed fine, a little small but fine.
But you can stumble upon the dreadful bug of death-lines oO OMG ! IT'S HERE !
It means you can not write more than 3 lines of text or note, in a box, and you can't edit more than 2 (it eats the rest and it disappears into oblivion if you click OK).
I searched a lot about where this comes from, why, and who exprienced it. I found VERY FEW forum threads =/ Most of the fixes for fonts were not exactly adressing this issue. But there was one guy... His problem wasn't solved but someone had the same issue and it was solved. Everything was pointing to a font issue.
The guy whose problem was solved just reinstalled some fonts provided by a user. The link was dead. Also it seems that a long time ago Rm2k had a font directory. I don't know for yours, but mine doesn't. So it seemed that this could be solved by fonts... hmmm... what was wrong with mine ?
I deleted MS mincho, RM2000 and RMG2000 fonts. Not MS gothic cause I can't, it's always in use.
I reinstalled... still did not work. In fact, RM2000 and RMG2000 are NOT coming back. But Rm2k works oO. I found this weird. I dug a bit. Rm2k seems to use a lot of fonts in fact. Tahoma, Arial, MS gothic, things like that. Some Ms Serif too ?
Then two things helped me. First I noticed that my text box was short. In fact if Rm2k had let me input 4 lines it would have gone a bit out. That didn't seem normal, since there is plenty of place on screen why would the box be so small that I can't fit 4 lines ? Big clue here.
And second I went back to the only thread discussing it and someone pointed to a trick to make bigger boxes, possibly up to eight lines. I checked the technique.

It uses a very useful program called Resource Hacker Very Happy found here:
This lets you edit an .exe file, if you know what to do.
The trick is found here:
look for the "Special Message Box Guide Trick // By Bobberticus (click to reveal)"
You COULD follow instructions. This will probably solve your problem but mess up your font when in-box. It will be Lucida, so no japanese displayed. This can be solved too.

Here is the variation to this trick:
Follow the step to find the TFORMEVCMD10110 thingy in the .exe edition.
Here, instead of copy pasting his script, I modified surgically:
At the beginning, third line
-ClientHeight: 160

this will increase the size of the box overall.

further down, 4 lines after TTabControl, there is another Height parameter: Set it to 100

this will increase the size of the text box inside the box, but not the editable size, just the size occupied.

A little bit further, after TFixedMemo, change this Height to 80

This will finally increase the size of the editable part, so you can get more lines... you can get a lot of these if you edit these 3 Heights further, however keep in mind the text box INGAME will handle 4 lines. Increasing these further is for eye comfort, because...

You can edit the font too. If you took Moshix's fix, it should be MS serif, size 12. Leave it like this if you followed my steps. If you want to have it bigger, you'll have to search a bit by yourself the values to make the box fit.

NOW. Your buttons in the box are all messed up. This can be fixed too. You start to get the idea right ? there is parameters for each objects of the box, so further down are three sections, ButtonOk ButtonCancel and ButtonHelp. Set their "Top" value to 118.

This will lower them and fit the box I redefined before.

All right, now a little candy...
You know in Rm2k there should gray lines in text boxes that shows where to stop writting to not go off screen. The second gray line is for normal situation and the first is for when there is a picture displayed (like with Cephilia). It can be incredibly useful for editing and correcting. But if you have the same problem I have, you barely see them, if you see them at all. Let's fix this too.
Back in Resource Hacker, same place ! Go back a little higher, before the Button thingies. There are to section "object Line" 1 and 2. Yep that's it. Edit their Heights to 60 and change the Opaque parameter by replacing True with False
And ta-da, your gray lines will appear and fit the new window. Life is sweet, isn't it ?

Once you want to save a change, just click save in Resource Hacker. it will make a backup in the same directory usually. Then launch Rm2k and enjoy ^^
Note that this corrects the problem for message boxes only, not Note boxes. I will correct it when I know where to look in Resource Hacker.

SO. What was the problem to begin with ? A very stupid thing in fact. The box was too short. Yup you hear me. Rm2k installs itself with a set size for boxes and fonts. And it stupidly installed itself with a too short size for its fonts setting. Very very stupid. As for "why", my guess is resolution/screen related ^^ if your screen is too wide maybe... else it is the graphic card but, seems unlikely to me. Whatever, it's really a stupid problem. The box was just too short and you absolutely can't write out box.

You too can have fun with the .exe now if you want to try to customize something. Have fun ^^ And long life to the 4 lines text box !

Edit2: and yes I did find all of this by myself >< At least, once I had Resource Hacker in my hands. So please tell me if you fixed something with it, just because it feels good to be useful Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Vh 100813 variables movement + text box issue EDIT: SOLVED   13th August 2010, 9:22 am

I like double posting for my victory, so, here is little things I found after a little more testing:
-I had 4 lines before using Moshix's fix but no japanese symbol because Rm2k is not set for it.
-I have 3 or 2 lines after using the fix and japanese is correctly displayed because Moshix set the .exe to use SHIFJJIS_CHARSET instead of default, everywhere (gratz)
-Moshix did not screw up anything, in fact, as I said before the origin of the problem is probably that Rm2k is stupid graphic/screen -wise ^^
-When using that Charset, symbols turned out to be bigger in my text boxes thus using too much space. That could not be predicted.
-Extending the box by toying with parameters as said before, in Resource Hacker, fixes the issue for message text box.
-If you want to fix Note text box, look into TFORMEVCMD12410 and do the same kind of changes. Maybe the exact same works, in fact ^^ Might need a little more space.
(maybe Width, since comments can be wider than messages)

That's all folks.
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Vh 100813 variables movement + text box issue EDIT: SOLVED
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